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WordPress Maintenance Services

Partner that attends to all of your WordPress woes around-the-clock

Our team is made up of top-tier professionals who collaborate closely with you and the product to ensure that problems are fixed accurately and promptly.

We’ll be able to apply the finest techniques to your products and services as well, thanks to our experience managing numerous prosperous websites.

Premium WordPress Services

Curated and Flexible Maintenance Packages just for your need


Optimise Load Time

Our technical experts ensures your system undergo rigorous testing and ensures each page is loaded in less than two seconds. We ensure all the metrics are carefully analysed and optimised.

Unlimited Content Edits on your Website

We will support any number of content updates that you would require on your website, We are just an email away.

Security Guranteed

With our rigorously proven unique site security setups, we ensure that your website is as secure as it can possibly be.

Periodic Plugin and Package Updates

Your plugins, themes, and core files are updated weekly and included in weekly reports to make sure your WordPress maintenance services run smoothly.

24/7 Critical support

Your website is checked every minute of the day. And because our team is working 24/7, we can assist any time day or night, 365 days a year.

Core file & database backups

We take real-time external backups of your website on our Secure AWS Servers

Mobile and Tablet Responsiveness

We audit sites on passing Google’s mobile-friendly test and make improvements towards having all pages responsive across current browsers and screen sizes.

Malware Removal

We fully clean out malware and other malicious activity on websites under our care.

Custom Development

Support options for sites with custom themes, plugins, and functionalities​

Get specialised support in addition to all of our top-notch WordPress maintenance services for your websites that use custom-built themes, plugins, or other functionality.

Rollout Updates Safely on Custom Sites

Plugin, theme, and core file updates for your Custom WordPress site are tested and reviewed with your custom code to help prevent errors.​

Automate your testing.

Our team will diagnose and test errors on functionalities in your WordPress site with your custom theme or custom plugins.

24/7 Monitoring

Custom websites introduce a higher degree of intricacy. Our tools for custom sites’ constant monitoring To maintain your WordPress environment healthy, examine your website for serious issues and malfunctions.

Efficient Code Management​

Have a WordPress website with Git integration? You may commit all the updates to the core files, plugins, and themes with our assistance!

AWS and Pantheon Hosted Sites

Our DevOps Team has the necessary skills to optimise and maintain flexible and scalable systems installed in AWS, Pantheon, or Google Cloud.

WordPress to JAMStack

Supercharge your WordPress site by converting to JAMStack. You get the flexibility to use all the built in functions of WordPress and with JAMStack, the website becomes blazing fast and improves Google Score and User Experience.